Review – The Golden Sequence by Jonni Pollard

The Golden Sequence by Jonni Pollard

I recently had the opportunity to read The Golden Sequence by Jonni Pollard. This book came as a surprise to me, just bundled in with another book I had been asked to review. Let me tell you, surprise books are the best kind of surprise.

The Golden Sequence is much along the same vein as the past few books I’ve been sent for review; it is a book about finding yourself, discovering your innermost desires and drives, and reaching a certain kind of fulfillment. With The Burn Zone, I followed the story of a woman trapped in a cult, frantically searching for herself after losing her identity entirely to the world she’d been absorbed into. Then in Brother John, I read the essay of a man seeking purpose, hiding out in a monastery and all buy idolizing a monk who lives there.

The Golden Sequence is a how-to guide, more or less. It is a meditation aid and a guide in seeking fulfillment through understanding The Golden Sequence.

“In Western society and culture, we are more connected to each other than ever through social media and mobile communication, yet we feel increasingly disconnected and isolated.”

Jonni Pollard, The Golden Sequence

As I’ve said, this book is a lot about finding yourself and finding purpose in your life. It aims to identify the problems in our lives–why we’re feeling unfulfilled and unconnected–and help us to fix the brokenness in our lives.

And that’s where it falls apart for me, personally. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this book; it is well-written and researched and thought out. But I am not one for meditation or seeking fulfillment through self-discovery. And that is 100% to do with my own religious and spiritual views.

That said, there was still much to be gleaned from The Golden Sequence, even for a non-meditating Christian, like me. It was interesting to learn about Vedism and its views on seeking fulfillment. And it was interesting to read Pollard’s understanding and delivery of the Vedistic beliefs.

My biggest takeaway from The Golden Sequence was the Four Golden Insights:

  1. Life is Sacred
  2. Love is our Nature
  3. Wisdom is our Power
  4. Fulfillment is our Purpose

What really intrigued me about this is the universal truth behind it all. Aren’t we all trying to get to a place where we understand and believe that life is sacred, love is natural, wisdom is powerful, and that purpose and fulfillment are inextricably linked? Even in my own, different beliefs, these are ideals resonate so deep within me. Can you imagine a world where everybody held these same beliefs dear?

So while this was not a life-changing book for me, it was chock-full of truth and ideals that may resonate with others. It gives words to an understanding I’ve had for a long time that wisdom comes in different forms and in different areas. It spoke on the universal truth on our brokenness and our inadequacies.

Plucky’s Rating?

3 out of 5 stars


The Plucky Reader

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