Happy March!

So, February came and went much faster than I anticipated. January lasted exactly seven years and thirteen days. And February lasted six minutes and forty-three seconds. I’m not sure how that happens, but I blame flat earth, aliens, chem trails, and MK Ultra.

So today starts March, and with March comes my new monthly thing. I have carefully complied and curated a playlist of the music I like to listen to while I read. I will post a new playlist every month. It’s a nice way to discover new music that you wouldn’t have listened to, before.

With March comes big things. First, I turn 30 tomorrow, which sounds equal parts ancient and immature. Like, surely by this point, I should have figured out how to get my act together. But maybe that’s a 35-year-old skill. And if you ask my students, then I’ve got 1.5 feet in the grave. I’m just waiting out my final days, now, as far as they’re concerned.

The asked me last week how I know what Snapchat is. I wish I were lying. I just can’t.

More importantly, I’m supposed to find out “in a few business days” if KindleScout will be publishing my first novel. The wait is killing me. I’d rather be rejected now than them draw out this process. (Better yet, I’d like them to just go ahead and publish me, but at this point I’ll take any news.)

March is a big month for me. I’m in two art shows, one of which was highly competitive and I’m still not sure how I got in. I should hear back from the agent to whom I submitted my second novel. I’m supposed to hear back from Kindle. It’s spring break, so I’ll get caught up on sleeping, reading, and video games.

I can already see how quickly it will go.

So before I bore you any further, here’s my playlist. I just downloaded Every Heart a Doorway to read, so I’m going to enjoy this last few moments of silence before life starts again.

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